Tail lift repair kit


Product info

Complete repair kit with products, tools, working gloves and trash bag. For the repair of hose breakage on the tail lift.




An emergency bag that contains the correct hose and fluid connectors needed to quickly repair a broken hose on a tail lift. Complete with the necessary tools and work gloves, and a waste bag for the old hose.

The bag contains:

  • 1 cuted hydraulic hose, Kappaflex 2K CO Rock, with mounted 1/4" female nuts and TrackingCode
  • 2 pcs. banjo 1/4"
  • 4 pcs. bonded seals 1/4"
  • 4 pcs. cable ties
  • 1 pair of mounting gloves PU
  • 1 plastic bag, for handling the old hose
  • 1 combination spanner 19 mm
  • 1 monkey wrench 25 mm

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